I am not an avid butterfly enthusiast, but I enjoy a nice butterfly as well as the next guy.

Papilionidae (Swallowtails)

Papilio glaucusPapilio glaucusfemale male 4th? instar larva Papilio glaucus (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail) (Lexington, 7/30/06 10am, Lower Vine Brook, 8/28/09 2pm, 7/23/11 3pm, Willard's Woods, 8/9/03 5pm, Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm)

adult from the pictured caterpillar Spicebush Swallowtailadult pupa caterpillar, 4th instar caterpillar, 5th instar caterpillar, 5th instar about to pupate, probably 5th instar, Papilio troilus (Spicebush Swallowtail) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/30/11 11am [2 photos], Lexington, 7/28/02 2pm, Lower Vine Brook, 7/16/11 12pm, 7/4/11 9pm, 7/13/11 7pm, Whipple Hill, 6/23/12 12pm) My son & I raised the more yellow-green caterpillar from a 4th instar larva (which wouldn't extend its "tongue" for a picture), to a butterfly. The brighter green caterpillar I found in the woods.

Eastern Black Swallowtailfemale male late instar caterpillar Papilio polyxenes (Eastern Black Swallowtail) (Willard's Woods, 8/11/02 3pm, 7/13/13 3pm, Arlington, 9/6/18)

Battus philenor (Pipevine Swallowtail)

Papilio cresphontes (Giant Swallowtail) Historical, no recent MA sightings.

Eurytides marcellus (Zebra Swallowtail) Historical, no recent MA sightings.

Pieridae (Whites & Sulphurs)

Common sulfurColias philodice (Common Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur) (Willard's Woods, Lower Vine Brook, 9/21/09 2pm) I am not 100% sure about any of the 3 Colias pictures. They all could be either philodice or eurytheme.

Colias philodiceColias philodiceColias eurytheme? white form (Orange Sulphur) (Lower Vine Brook, 8/23/09 1pm)

Colias interior (Pink-edged Sulphur)

Cabbage Whitemale female courting Artogeia rapaefemale caterpillarPieris rapae pupafemale pupa Pieris rapae (Cabbage White) (Willard's Woods, 7/5/05 11am, Lexington 6/17/09, Lower Vine Brook, 8/9/2022 5pm, Lexington 5/30/09 10am, Lexington 6/3/09 10am) The female will sit on a flower upside-down, wings spread, and arch her abdomen to entice a male to mate! This caterpillar was happily munching invasive garlic mustard. I brought it home and it has now pupated (6/3/09, or perhaps 6/2/09). A female emerged either yesterday or early this morning, 6/17/09 after 14-15 days.

Pieris napi (Mustard White)

Pieris virginiensis (West Virginia White)

Pontia protodice (Checkered White) Historical, no recent MA sightings.

Anthocharis midea (Falcate Orangetip)

Phoebis sennae (Cloudless Sulphur)

Eurema lisa (Little Yellow)

Eurema nicippe (Sleepy Orange) Historical, no recent MA sightings.

Lycaenidae (Coppers, Hairstreaks, Blues, Elfins, etc.)

Feniseca tarquinius (Harvester)

American CopperLycaena phlaeas (American Copper) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/11/2021 1pm, 7/4/2022 1pm)

Lycaena hyllus (Bronze Copper)

Lycaena epixanthe (Bog Copper)

Coral hairstreakSatyrium titus (Coral Hairstreak) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/3/2022 1pm, Willard's Woods, 7/5/02 11am)

Satyrium acadica (Acadian Hairstreak)

Satyrium edwardsiiSatyrium edwardsii (Edwards' Hairstreak) (Willard's Woods, 7/6/09 3pm, 6/22/11 10am)

Satyrium calanusSatyrium calanusSatyrium calanus (Banded Hairstreak) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/6/09 11am for first 2 photos, Whipple Hill, 6/30/13 11am for last 3)

Satyrium caryaevorum (Hickory Hairstreak)

Satyrium liparops (Striped Hairstreak)

Satyrium favonius (Oak Hairstreak)

Parrhasius m-album (White M Hairstreak)

Strymon melinus (Gray Hairstreak) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/14/2018 4pm (2), Willard's Woods, 8/9/14 12pm (2), Lower Vine Brook, 7/30/17 2pm (2))

Erora laeta (Early Hairstreak)

Mitoura gryneusCallophrys gryneus (Olive Hairstreak, Juniper Hairstreak) (Willard's Woods, 7/28/07 11am, 5/29/06 2pm)

Callophrys hesseli (Hessel's Hairstreak, special concern)

Callophrys augustinusCallophrys augustinusBrown ElfinCallophrys augustinus (Brown Elfin) (first 2 at Arlington Great Meadows, 4/24/10 11am, third at Whipple Hill, 4/18/02 4pm)

Callophrys polios (Hoary Elfin)

Callophrys irus (Frosted Elfin)

Callophrys henrici (Henry's Elfin) (Lower Vine Brook, 5/18/14 12pm)

Callophrys lanoraieensis (Bog Elfin, threatened)

Incisalia niphonCallophrys niphon (Eastern Pine Elfin) (Willard's Woods, 5/13/07 10am, Lower Vine Brook, 5/11/14 2pm) There were several feeding on blueberry flowers near a stand of pine trees in Willard's Woods.

Everes comyntasEveres comyntasEveres comyntasEveres comyntasadult larva Everes comyntas (Eastern tailed blue) (Willard's Woods, early spring, 7/5/02 3pm, Lower Vine Brook, 9/25/16 4pm) The caterpillars were on bush clover.

Spring AzureCelastrina sp. (Spring Azure) (Arlington Great Meadows, 4/25/10 11am, Willard's Woods, Lower Vine Brook, 6/25/08 2pm) This is a most frusterating species (really a group of hard to differentiate species). They are a beautiful blue on the top of the wings. However, they only sit with their wings folded up, hiding the coloration.

Libytheidae (Snout Butterflies)

Libytheana carinenta (American Snout)

Nymphalidae (Brushfoots)

Euptoieta claudia (Variegated Fritillary)

Speyeria cybeleSpeyeria cybeleSpeyeria cybele (Great Spangled Fritillary) (Willard's Woods, 9/4/04 2pm, Lower Vine Brook, 7/1/08 1pm, 7/11/10 4pm, Lexington, 5/30/03 11pm)

Speyeria aphrodite (Aphrodite Fritillary)

Speyeria idalia (Regal Fritillary)

Speyeria atlantis (Atlantis Fritillary)

Boloria selene (Silver-bordered Fritillary)

Boloria bellona (Meadow Fritillary)

Chlosyne harrisii (Harris' Checkerspot)

Phyciodes tharos type "A"Phyciodes tharos (Pearly Crescentspot) (Willard's Woods, 9/7/02 1pm, 9/14/02 1pm, Parker Meadow, 8/2/2014 4pm, Whipple Hill, 6/15/14 11am)

Euphydryas phaeton (Baltimore Checkerspot)

Polygonia interrogationis (Question Mark)

Comma (summer)Polygonia commaPolygonia commaPolygonia commaadults larva pupa Polygonia comma (Comma) (Willard's Woods 7/7/04 4pm, 6/24/07 11am, Dunback Meadow 7/18/09 3pm, Lower Vine Brook, 6/10/12 10am, Willard's Woods, 6/10/12 11am, 9/29/13 1pm, Lexington, 6/15/12, 6/20/12 10pm) A large number all appeared at roughly the same time in Willard's Woods, then disappeared within a week or so. There were several in Dunback Meadow, including the one above which was drinking my sweat. I saw my first one of the new year (2010) today, 3/20, the first day of spring. I didn't get a good look, so it could have been a Question Mark and not a Comma. The second-to-last photo of an adult was taken when it landed on my leg.

Polygonia progne (Gray Comma)

Nymphalis vau-album (Compton Tortoiseshell)

Nymphalis antiopaNymphalis antiopaNymphalis antiopaadult larva Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak) (Lower Vine Brook, 3/28/09 1pm, 3/19/10 11am, Lexington 3/27/04 1pm, caterpillar Lower Vine Brook, 6/4/2022 4pm) The second & third pictures are of the same butterfly. It was lapping up water from the ground and was happy to let me pick it up so it could lap up the salt from my sweat. Its tongue felt very interesting on my finger.

Nymphalis milberti (Milbert's Tortoiseshell)

Vanessa virginiensisovipositing Vanessa virginiensis (American Lady) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/8/12 12pm, 4/20/12 2pm, Willard's Woods, 9/1/2019 4pm)

Vanessa cardui (Painted Lady) (Parker Meadow, 8/20/12 11am, Lower Vine Brook, 8/19/17 12pm) I have seen dozens over the last several days in 2012. I counted 5 at once in my small backyard garden.

Vanessa atalantaVanessa atalantaadult Vanessa atalantalarvae Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral) (Dunback Meadow, 7/18/09 3pm for 1st picture, Lower Vine Brook, 5/27/12 11am, 7/6/08 12pm, 6/17/12 11am, 6/19/2019 8am) Earliest sighting 5/9/10. Larvae on stinging nettle. 2012 was a fantastic year for Red Admirals, as well as several other migratory butterflies. I saw perhaps 2 or 3 dozen in a single hour or so last week.

Junonia coenia (Common Buckeye) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/7/2019 3pm)

Red-spotted purpleRed-spotted purpleadult larva Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Red-spotted purple) (Lexington, 6/2/02 1pm, 6/4/04 11pm freshly emerged from chrysalis, Willard's Woods, 6/17/12 12pm, caterpillars 6/29/15 11am) The Red-spotted Purple and the White Admiral are the same species, just different color variants.

White Admiral (Limenitis arthemis arthemis) (Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm) I am embarassed by the quality of this photo, but the butterfly surprised me while I was watching a great blue heron and it disappeared into a tree quite a ways away. This was the first White Admiral I've ever seen.

adult Limenitis archippus (Viceroy) Limenitis archippuslarva (Willard's Woods, 7/19/2020 12pm (2), 9/30/06, Lower Vine Brook, 7/21/2019 10am, caterpillar, Willard's Woods, 7/6/03 2pm, 8/25/2019 6pm)

Asterocampa celtis (Hackberry Emperor)

Nymphalidae: Satyrinae (Browns, Wood Nymphs, & Satyrs)

Northern Pearly EyeNorthern Pearly EyeEnodia anthedon (Northern Pearly Eye) (Willard's Woods, 7/1/03 2pm, 7/7/04 3pm)

Satyrodes eurydice (Eyed Brown)

Satyrodes eurydiceSatyrodes appalachia (Appalachian Brown) (Willard's Woods, 7/14/07 2pm)

little wood satyrMegisto cymela (Little Wood Satyr) (Willard's Woods, 5/27/02 3pm, Whipple Hill, 6/1/14 11am, Lexington 6/8/03 12pm, Willard's Woods 6/4/04 1pm)

Praire RingletCoenonympha tullia (Common Ringlet) (Willard's Woods, 8/4/02 11am, Lower Vine Brook, 8/6/11 5pm) It looks like C. tullia could be a complex of hard to distinguish species, including C. inornata (Praire Ringlet).

Wood NymphCercyonis pegala (Wood Nymph) (Willard's Woods, 7/9/2022 1pm, ?)

Nymphalidae: Danainae (Milkweed Butterflies)

Danaus plexippusDanaus plexippusadult Danaus plexippus ovipositingfemale ovipositing Danaus plexippusmating Danaus plexippus caterpillarDanaus plexippus caterpillarlate instar larva Danaus plexippus caterpillar & assassin buglate instar larva preyed upon by assassin bug Danaus plexippus chrysalispupa Danaus plexippus eggegg Danaus plexippus (Monarch) (Lexington, 7/23/06 11am, 7/30/06 1pm, 8/2/06 9am, 8/2/06 9am, 8/9/06 10pm, & 8/20/06 10am, 7/14/07 1pm, 7/14/07 1pm, mating Lower Vine Brook, 7/4/08 4pm) 2006 was a very good year for monarch butterflies. I've seen more this year than the last 5 combined. It is also the first year that I've seen caterpillars in my yard. Unfortunately, none have made it to pupate. I haven't seen any birds eating them, but assassin bugs seem to greatly enjoy them. A breakthrough! Once intrepid caterpillar managed to avoid an untimely doom and made a nice chrysalis. Unfortunately, it didn't succeed in its metamorphosis and the pupa died.

Hesperiidae (Skippers)

Silver-spotted skipperEpargyreus clarusEpargyreus clarus (Silver-spotted skipper) (Willard's Woods, 7/1/02 10am, 7/23/06 11am, Lower Vine Brook, 7/19/2020 11am)

Achalarus lyciades (Hoary Edge)

Thorybes pylades (Northern Cloudywing)

Thorybes bathyllus (Southern Cloudywing)

Erynnis icelus (Dreamy Duskywing)

Erynnis brizo (Sleepy Duskywing)

Erynnis juvenalis (Juvenal's Duskywing)

male Erynnis horatius (Horace's Duskywing)? (Willard's Woods, Lower Vine Brook, 5/28/11 1pm) The second butterfly was very large for a skipper. It was flying with a smaller, darker butterfly that I could not get a picture of, although it looked much the third photo which was taken in a different area.

male Wild Indigo Duskywingmale Erynnis baptisiae (Wild Indigo Duskywing)? (Whipple Hill, 4/21/10 3pm, Willard's Woods, 7/20/02 1pm) I am not at sure that I've got any of the 3 Erynnis photos correctly identified. The April 21st date would be the earliest recorded (at least by MassAudubon) for either of my 2 guesses for species, and none of the other likely candidates fly any earlier. Any help identifying these would be appreciated.

male male (Willard's Woods, 5/17/08 1pm) female male (Arlington Great Meadows, 4/25/10 11am, 4/24 11am) Duskywings, but which ones?

male (Lower Vine Brook, 5/31/14 11am)

male (Lower Vine Brook, 7/25/10 1pm)

Pyrgus communis (Common Checkered Skipper)

female egg Pholisora catullus (Common Sootywing) (Lower Vine Brook, 5/27/12 11am, 5/31/12 10am, 6/9/12 11am) She was laying eggs on a very low, small plant.

Carterocephalus palaemon (Arctic Skipper)

Ancyloxypha numitorAncyloxypha numitor (Least Skipper) (Willard's Woods, 6/13/09 12pm)

Thymelicus lineolaThymelicus lineola (European Skipper) (Willard's Woods, 7/6/09 3pm, 6/6/15 1pm) A European import.

Hesperia leonardus (Leonard's Skipper)

Hesperia metea (Cobweb Skipper)

Hesperia sassacus (Indian Skipper)

Polites peckus (Willards Woods, 7/6/09 3pm)Polites peckusPolites peckusPolites peckusPolites peckusPolites peckusPolites peckus (Peck's Skipper) (Willard's Woods, 7/6/09 3pm, Lower Vine Brook, 8/16/09 10am, 5/30/09 12pm, 5/30/09 12pm, 8/3/08 12pm, 7/19/08 10am, Willard's Woods, 8/3/02 3pm)

Polites themistoclesPolites themistocles (Tawny-Edged Skipper) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/12/08 11am, 8/9/08 4pm) I'm not too sure about the first identification...

Polites origenesPolites origenes (Crossline Skipper) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/13/08 9am)

Long DashPolites mysticPolites mysticPolites mystic (Long Dash) (Willard's Woods, 6/1/02 1pm, Willard's Woods, 6/10/01 2pm, 7/7/01 4pm)

Wallengrenia egeremetWallengrenia egeremetWallengrenia egeremet (Northern Broken Dash)? (Lower Vine Brook, 7/13/08 9am, 7/19/08 9am, Willard's Woods)

Pompeius vernaPompeius verna (Little Glassywing) (Willard's Woods, 7/21/02 12pm)

Anatrytone logan (Delaware Skipper)

Poanes massasoit (Mulberry Wing)

Poanes hobomok (Hobomok Skipper)

female male Poanes zabulon (Zabulon Skipper) (Willard's Woods, 6/4/2022 4pm, 5/27/2023 5pm)

Poanes viator (Broad-winged Skipper)

Euphyes dion (Dion Skipper)

Euphyes conspicuaEuphyes conspicuaEuphyes conspicuaEuphyes conspicua (Black Dash) (Lower Vine Brook, 8/23/09 1pm)

Euphyes bimacula (Two-spotted Skipper)

Euphyes vestrisEuphyes vestrisEuphyes vestris (Dun Skipper) (Lower Vine Brook, 8/9/08 4pm, 8/16/09 9am)

Atrytonopsis hianna (Dusted Skipper)

Amblyscirtes hegonAmblyscirtes hegon (Pepper and Salt Skipper) (Willard's Woods, 6/2/07 1pm)

Amblyscirtes vialis (Common Roadside Skipper)

Unidentified Butterflies

What am I? (Willard's Woods) Pearly crescentspot type "B"?

Gray Hairstreak(Willard's Woods) Probably Edwards' Hairstreak

(Willard's Woods, 7/29/2023 12pm)

Skipper sp. (Willard's Woods, 6/1/02 1pm)

Skipper sp. (Willard's Woods, 6/2/02 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/11/10 4pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/10/10 12pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/31/12 10am)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/27/12 10am)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/27/12 10am) Bigger than the average skipper.

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